Lita - SQLite Administration Tool

This project was discontinued.

You can grab the source here.

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Lita is a free and open source SQLite database administration tool for Windows, MacOSX and Linux.




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  • Open, create, compact, manage SQLite databases
  • Create, rename, delete, and empty tables
  • Create, rename and delete columns
  • Create, modify and delete records
  • Encrypt or reencrypt your databases
  • Run, import and export your custom SQL statements
  • Create and delete indices

Important It is strongly recommended to make backups of your databases on a regular basis. Always assume that Lita can break your database. I decline all responsibility if anything bad happens to your data, whatsoever.


Lita is developed with the help of Paul Robertson.






Q: What is Lita ?


A: Lita is an administration interface for SQLite databases. It lets you edit your databases structure and data in a dedicated environment.

Q: How can I install Lita? What are the requirements?

A: Lita is an administration interface for SQLite databases. It lets you edit your databases structure and data in a dedicated environment.

Q: What is Adobe AIR ?

A: You can learn about Adobe AIR here.

Q: I can't download / install it it using the install badge. Where can I find the AIR file ?

A: The direct link to the AIR file is here, but you'll need the AIR runtime to install it.

Q: Can I use Lita with non-AIR SQLite databases ?

A: While most of its features are compatible with any sqlite database, it was primarily designed to administrate AIR application databases. Some field types and features, such as encryption, are AIR only.

Q: Why did you create another AIR sqlite admin ?

Please read this post if you want to know why I decided to create another SQLite admin tool.

Q: How can I get the latest news about Lita ?

A: The best way is to follow me on Twitter. You can also subscribe to my blog RSS feed.

Q: Can I grab the source code somewhere ?

A: Please read this post for instructions on how to get the source code.

Q: How can I help or thank you ? If you like Lita, you can add a vote or a review at the Adobe AIR Marketplace.

Q: How does encryption work ?

A: Well, that's a bit complicated. Please read this.

Q: How can I trust this application ? What if breaks my database ?

A: It is strongly recommended to make backups of your databases on a regular basis. Always assume that Lita can break your database. I decline all responsibility if anything bad happens to your data, whatsoever.

Anonymous (not verified) on November 11th 2008

Bravo! Good duplicate.. I couldn't see a difference

david_deraedt on November 12th 2008

I should've seen it coming... Actually I did, that's the reason why I wrote about why I decided to create another SQLite admin tool: Your comment seems to prove that either: -You didn't use Christophe Coenraets' tool -You didn't use Lita -I did such a poor job with Lita's UI that you didn't find some of its main features (such as the Data menu). ...or maybe you just wanted to ruin my day with another anonymous sarcastic comment. Anyway, I'll update this page to link to my original post to avoid any confusion.

jberger (not verified) on November 20th 2008

We have all sorts of security restrictions on external websites, and your Flash download doesn't work for me. Is there anyway you can just post the .air file for download?

david_deraedt on November 21st 2008

Sure. I've added a link under the install badge.

sitron (not verified) on December 10th 2008

first thanks for this app! been using it in my last project and it's really helpful! apart from the known issues (a way of reseting an auto-increment column would be really cool), an "update/refresh" button by table would ease my life a lot :) i know you can click on another table and come back to see it refreshed, but it doesn't keep any column resize... which leads to my second suggestion: give a way to look at big text cells (like file path for ex.) thanks again!

david_deraedt on December 10th 2008

Hi Sitron Thank you for this feedback. You're right about the refresh button, I'll add it to my TODO list. Can you please elaborate on the second suggestion ? I'm not 100% sure to understand what you mean.

sitron (not verified) on December 12th 2008

well.. if you store large text in a record and want to see it you have 2 solutions: - expand the column of the datagrid (ok for "not so large texts"). But the resize will not be kept if you switch to another table... to refresh the data ie) - select the record and look in the "selected record" panel which has a small, not expandable, textArea to show text data. (imo unusable). the refresh button would make it possible to keep the resizing of solution 1 (if you don't quit the view, the datagrid column widths are kept as modified) a second enhancement would be to change the bottom part (selected/new record) to a hdividedbox and give all InputText/TextArea width as percentages (so that when you enlarge the panel you can see more data... don't know if it's clearer now... but i tried!

david_deraedt on December 15th 2008

Yes it's much clearer to me now, thanks. I'll soon try to implement both (refresh + HDividedBox) before v1.

sitron (not verified) on December 19th 2008

just upgraded to .9 version: THANKS! Refresh button is a major enhancement!

Raza (not verified) on December 23rd 2008

Hi, This is a really really nice application but I'm a bit confused, so i hope that you will help me to solve my problem. I simply created an encrypted sqlite db using given code from the Air 1.5 Documentation. I used following line as a password var encryptionKey:ByteArray = new ByteArray(); encryptionKey.writeUTFBytes("Some16ByteString"); Now i thought that i will open that db in your application to add tables and data. I tried to giive "Some16ByteString" as a password but vain. (as it takes Hash Key) Please Tell me how can i do the above mentioned task? How can i write my password in Hash! And if some stored a password like "Some16ByteString" then why cant simply write this password again to view the database using your application As Im pretty new in this Field so you have to tolerate my stupid questions. Thanks in advance

david_deraedt on December 23rd 2008

Hi Raza, In short, you can't. Unfortunately, you have to encrypt (or re-encrypt) the db using either Paul's or my encryption class, or any class implementing the hash logic mentioned here and (most importantly) in the blog post I wrote about SQLite encryption. I'm really sorry for that, but in a way, you could say that being difficult to open is the whole point of encryption. However, to be honest, I could of course implement other logics, such as the one you mention, but I so far I prefer to stay focused on the aforementioned classes.

Raza (not verified) on December 23rd 2008 I just saw this article by you and i have made it work :D Now I am enjoying your application, You are Awesome Man. Thanks once Again

3dlife (not verified) on January 14th 2009

hello! I install this App, and donĀ“t start. Can someone help me to find what's happening. thanks

david_deraedt on January 14th 2009

Hi Could you please be more specific ? Did you encounter any error message ?

Craig Kaminsky (not verified) on January 14th 2009

Hi, David, Very excited to get playing with Lita and thanks for taking the time to build this! I, too, am having an issue whereby Lita installs fine from your site (clicking on the install badge) but no UI appears when you launch the application. Upon application launch, I am able to see the menu items (Lita, File, Edit, etc.), just no UI. I've also tried to open a couple of my SQLite DB files in Lita but get the same result (menu bar but no UI). When attempting to open the DB file, I've tried this with Lita both already open and shut down. I verified that I have AIR 1.5 installed and also installed the new jQuery API browser AIR application today (just to make certain another AIR application would install and did). If it helps, I'm on a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.6 (I can give you other specs if you need them). I'd be happy to send you a screen shot of what I see if that might help (probably not but wanted to offer :). Thanks! Craig

david_deraedt on January 15th 2009

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'm guessing the app crashes on startup. Having uninstalled and reinstalled the app on both Mac OS and Win XP, this comes as quite a surprise. I'm guessing it has something to do with what I could not uninstall : the applicationStorageDirectory files and / or the encryptedLocalStore. I'm working on this as we speak. Update : This should be fixed with the latest build (1.0.1). Auto-updating probably won't work because of the crash, so I'm afraid you'll have to manually update it from here, by clicking on the install badge.

Craig Kaminsky (not verified) on January 16th 2009

Hi, David, Went to leave this response yesterday but I forgot to complete the submission...duh! I wanted to let you know that I was able to fully uninstall Lita 1.0 (removing the files/folders in the storage directory) and then installed 1.0.1 without any issues. It's a great program and thank you, again, for taking the time to develop it. Cheers, Craig

3dlife - Mario (not verified) on January 15th 2009

Thanks, this version 1.0.1 now working fine.

Fabio (not verified) on January 21st 2009

Nice and useful app! keep it up! ciao

Mark (not verified) on January 21st 2009

Best Sqlite Admin tool. Will you be adding VIEWs? Indices should also list the field name.

david_deraedt on January 22nd 2009

Thank you Mark. I've planned to add Views in the next major release. You're right about indices and fields. I'll try to add it in the next build.

Cliff Hall (not verified) on January 28th 2009

Great job on this one, David, it's just what's needed. Only one small bug to report, and that's that the new record component should probably clear its form after you successfully add the record. Or maybe that's staying populated by design, so you can alter a record and generate a new one quickly. Seems like that might be true some of the time, but annoying other times when you're manually clearing the fields from the previous record and wondering if you should manually increment the auto increment field for the new record or blank it out. Perhaps a checkbox that says 'Clear form after adding?' Anyway, thanks again for this great tool. Cheers, -=Cliff>

david_deraedt on January 29th 2009

Hi Cliff Thanks a lot for this comment. You're right about this. I deliberately chose not to clear the fields, but this can of course become very annoying. I'll be looking for the best way to integrate this change, in terms of UX.