Crazedcoders release a new generator

The guys at Crazedcoders have just released another cairngorm code generator. Check it here. The main feature of this generator is probably that it creates both the AMFPHP DAO code and the Flex (with views) code, by inspecting the database. One of the great things about it is that it seems able to analyze the relationships between the tables, and create the Cairngorm code and views accordingly (eg, if a Book has an Author, the Book form has a combobox displaying the Author list). However, I was enable to meet the requirements to test it, since the generator has to gain complete access to the MySQL server. That's something I just couldn't do, and I'm afraid I'm not the only one in this case. Besides, I'm not sure many business application developers will are willing to give their MySQL credentials this way. As I said before, I'm not sure that a web application is the best way to deliver a code generator, and that's precisely the reason why I chose AIR as a platform for FCG. Besides, it's AMFPHP dependent, and while AMFPHP is really fast, its (temporary) lack of support for authentication is really annoying. Moreover, this generator creates both PHP and Flex Files : I think it's better to have the choice to use a different (dedicated) tool for each operation. There are many PHP DAO generators out there, and some may be better than this one. However, one could easily argue that, with this one, you can be assured that the DAO job will meet the Flex app requirements. That's why I'd love to test Crazecoders' tool to see if the DAO is as good as it seems. Today, my workflow is ... Database design -> SQL Code -> DAO Generation -> application server code -> Cairngorm Generation -> Flex code. ... so that I can have the choice and choose the best tool for each step. I use DBDesigner4 as a Database designer tool, and of course FCG as a Flex code generator. However, until now, I couldn't find a DAO tool that really met my expectations.